April 30th, 2018

Early College Awareness Week (Monday): Show your college spirit!! Wear the colors or clothes of the college you wish to attend!! Did you know that there are different types of colleges? You just need to find the right fit for you! These types of colleges include: Four Year Colleges, Liberal Arts Colleges, Two-Year Colleges, Trade/Vocational colleges, and Online Colleges.

Juniors: Class meeting Tuesday, May 1st in Mrs. LaDeau’s room @ 2:25PM.

Prom: This year’s Prom is May 19th. Tickets will be on sale beginning May 4th in Mrs. Mero’s office. Tickets are $25 (Single) or $40 (Couple).

Educational Trip: Miss Andersen will be leading two trips next year. There will be an adventure tour of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico in February 2019 or a journey exploring Scotland in April 2019. Please see Ms. Andersen for information on either. We will have an informational meeting soon.

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