April 6, 2020 Dear Students & Families

April 6, 2020

Dear Students & Families,

We are beginning week 4 of no students in the building. It makes us sad not to see you at school, but we know you are safe. We will continue to work hard to bring food for all who requested it and any instructional materials we have each week on Tuesdays.

Some of you will continue to receive instructional materials throughout the next few weeks, and some of you may have already received the work you need. Many of you are communicating daily with your teachers electronically. This truly is a different time in your educational journey. Do your best and know your Crown Point Family is here for you at anytime!

To celebrate Spring and Easter, we are sending home a special treat and project for you to work on called, “Hearts for Hope: A Happy Heart Hunt”. You can decorate these hearts any way you would like and we ask you to hang them where they can be seen by the community. A new kind of Easter Egg Hunt!

We are sending our best to you and your extended family during our time apart. We hope to see you soon. Stay safe, stay healthy!

Yours in Education,

Mrs. Brannock & Mrs. Celotti

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